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Welcome to Mission I AM

Mission I AM is a social venture dedicated to building young leaders from the ‘inside out’. Our goal is to encourage young people, instill new age leadership concepts and nudge them towards a world full of hope, purpose and possibility.

Our Programs

To inspire, equip and build young people from the inside out so that they have the courage to go after their dreams and the humility to stay grounded when they fly. Educate them on how to become leaders of their own lives so that they grow up to lead themselves and others well.
To be recognized as a key influencer in the region for Building Powerful Self-Esteem, Champion Mindset and Emotional Resilience in young people. Developing a generation of authentic and supportive young leaders who don’t shy away from taking their place in the world.
To help children develop Strong Mindset Skills in the areas of Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Resilience, Self-Leadership, Decision Making, Intentional Living, Time Management, Team Cooperation, Dealing with Peer Pressure and Managing Failures.

Why young people?

Today’s children face many challenges – struggles with confidence, lowself-image, fear of failing, poor character choices, peer pressure and bullying. When children experience setbacks in their lives, most children don’t have the skills to handle them.

Our approach

The one thing that has the biggest impact on children’s happiness, confidence, and success in life is their………...MINDSET!! We believe that sustainable impact can only be created when change happens from the inside out.


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