Welcome to Mission I AM

Founded in June 2017 by Meena Gajria Furtado, An ex-banking professional and a Certified NLP Practitioner, Trainer & Coach with the John Maxwell Team and a Certified Wisdom Coach with Kids. Meena has also been a volunteer with the Growing Leaders Foundation. She is a mother to two amazing kids who are the primary inspiration behind this initiative.

mission I AM is a social venture dedicated to building young leaders from the ‘inside out’. Our goal is to encourage young people, instill new age leadership concepts and nudge them towards a world full of hope, purpose and possibility.

Our Mission

To inspire, equip and build a generation of young people from the inside out so that they are able to lead themselves and others well.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a key influence in the region for building powerful self-esteem, champion mindset, emotional resilience

Our Approach

The one thing that has the biggest impact on children’s happiness, confidence, and success in life is their……            MINDSET!!

1. Developing Soaring Self Esteem – Foundation Level

How kids feel about themselves is one of the biggest influences on both their happiness and on what they create in their lives. . Positive self-esteem isn’t something kids either have or don’t have. Feeling good about themselves, even when things aren’t going their way, is a skill that they can develop. With this coaching package we will show them how.

2. Developing Soaring Self-esteem & Confidence – Level II

Whether or not kids believe in themselves will shape who they are and what they create in their lives – do they go for it in life or do they sit on the sidelines? Powerful self-confidence isn’t something kids either have or don’t have. Believing in themselves, even after they’ve experienced a disappointment, is a skill that they can develop! Kids often feel they have to feel confident before they do something new; however, exactly the opposite is true. The fear doesn’t go away and the confidence doesn’t come until after they take action. The good news is that they can learn how to believe in themselves, even when there is no evidence that they will be successful!

3. Art of Self Leadership and Standing up to peer pressure

Peer pressure is one of the toughest challenges kids face while growing up. It is also one of the top reasons why kids get into trouble. Unfortunately in the age of camera phones and the Internet, the mistakes kids make can haunt the m for the rest of their lives. To stand up to peer pressure, kids must first decide who they are and what they stand for . Second they must choose what they want for themselves before they are in a tough situation. And finally kids must learn how to say “no” to their peers and “yes” to themselves. With this coaching package you will show them how.

4. Dream Activator: Making Dreams Come True without a Magic Wand

Throughout history, humans have made the once “impossible”, possible –from electricity, to airplane flight, to cell phones, to open heart surgery – impossible dreams have become day -to-day conveniences of the modern world. And it is all the result of dreaming! Someone thought of an idea, believed in that idea, and took action to make it happen. Kids learn that no one can make their dreams come true except for them. In this package kids learn a three step process for creating a life of their dreams. They create a vision for their lives, learn how to use goal setting to take action on their vision, and learn how to use the Law of Attraction tools of visualization, affirmations, and gratitude to “program ” their mind for success. With ‘Dream Activator’ kids learn how to make their dreams come true without any Magic Wand.

5. Building Emotional Resilience and Managing Fear

Building resilience means helping kids develop the skills to handle the ups and downs of growing up without getting down on themselves or giving up on themselves. Developing resilience is one of the most important mindset skills for kids to learn because their ability to pick themselves up again when things don’t go their way will directly shape who they become and what they create in their lives. The good news is that resilience can be taught. Kids learn specific skills for managing mistakes, overcoming fear, moving past disappointment and failure, and handling change. With this coaching package, kids learn how to get back up again after falling down so that disappointments and failures don’t keep them from their dreams.