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Ace That Test

Success System for Taking Tests

8 Weeks program


  • Attitude
  • Create a Learning Mindset for Success
  • Effective Learning Skills
  • Intention, Integrity, Inner Calmness
  • Test Taking Strategies

A - Attitude

• Why attitude is the foundation for success in school — and in life
• How to spot a negative attitude and shift it to a positive attitude
• How to uncover their “Why”!

C - Create a Learning Mindset for Success

• The power of belief systems and why they achieve what they believe
(kids can’t do well in school unless they believe they can do well in school)
• Three mindset skills that will help them soar!

E – effective Learning Skills

• How to use multiple learning styles to enhance comprehension
• How their brain creates memories, and techniques to improve recall
• How multitasking affects their brain and reduces their ability to learn
• How to create an effective homework routine

I - Intention, Integrity, Inner Calmness

• How to set their intention so their thoughts work for them, not against them
• Why integrity is critical for success in school — and in life
• How to calm their nerves if fear and panic begin to creep in

T – Test Taking Strategies

• How to use six test-taking strategies (“S.P.O.R.T.S”) to ace that test!

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