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Mindset Coaching for Children and why it is Important?

What is Mindset Coaching for Children?

Coaching Kids is about supporting them in living their best life! Just like a Tennis Coach or a Cricket Coach helps kids develop skills, confidence, and ability to thrive in the Sport, a MindsetCoach helps Children develop powerful skills, confidence and the ability to thrive in life.

How is Coaching Children different from Coaching Adults?

Coaching kids is different from coaching adults because of brain development in kids. Adults have a developed brain and have more life experience to draw upon and because of this, coaching kids requires a stronger teaching component. Kids also have a shorter attention span than adults, which is why coaching kids must involve an engaging curriculum like the one we use at mission I AM.

Why would a child need a Mindset Coach?

When children experience setbacks or disappointments in their lives, most of them don’t have the skills to handle them as a result they often get down on themselves or give up on themselves. Another challenge for kids is that they also often feel like victims in their lives – their parents tell them what to do, their teachers tell them what to do, and their coaches tell them what to do.
Through Mindset Coaching techniques children learn how they can feel more empowered in their lives so that they can handle those ups and downs of growing up and so they can feel like they are in more control of their lives.

Isn’t that the Parent’s job?

People often confuse parenting and coaching or mentoring for kids. Mindset coaching goes beyond the traditional parenting roles of moral and character development and it goes beyond learning how to treat others and learning how to behave.It is about teaching childrenEmpowerment Skills, developing Mental Grit and Personal Development skills so that they can become Self-Leaders of their own lives. What we teach most grownups haven’t learnt, neither do the kids learn these skills in school.

What will the Child learn?

We use a combination of inhouse curriculum, Mindful Leadership Lessons, Adventures in Wisdom, and YouthMax curriculum from the John Maxwell Program to create a fun, interactive and result oriented experience for the children.Children learn to develop a Growth Mindset, they learn the importance of Failing Forward without fear,believing in themselves, moving from a culture of ‘Me to We’, becoming better leaders forthemselves and others. They learn about the power of their conscious and subconscious mind and how their beliefs shape who they are and what they create in life. They learn how to recognize and shift limiting beliefs. Mostimportantly they learn powerful tools making them better equipped to deal with future challenges, failures, rejections, peer pressures that all of us will face at some point in our lives.

Why is Mindset Coaching for Children become more important in today’s times?

Our kids are living in a world very different than ours as we grew up and as such this is the single most important skill identified by World Economic Forum for the young generation to be equipped with before reaching adulthood.
It is like planting the right seed and nurturing it so that it grows stronger and takes the right shape and form as they grow older.
As per World Health Report, the biggest disease that will plague the world by as early as 2020 is not going to be cancer, AIDs or any other physical disease but it will be depression and mental disorder. We may not be able to give our kids Self Confidence but by teaching empowering skills on how they can always take control of their thoughts and actions, learn to develop powerful mindset and success principals, we can gift them a priceless insurance so that they choose wisely and create happiness, confidence and success in their lives.

My child doesn’t have a problem. Is Mindset Coaching for him?

Mindset coaching isn’t just for kids who are facing challenges or problems. Helping children learn how they can learn their full potential is about personal development and personal empowerment so that they will be ready to face any challenge that comes their way. Second, children don’t have a problem….. until they do. Mindset Coaching gives kids the skills that they need to handle challenges and to handle problems when they do come their way. And the best part is they can use these skills for the rest of their lives.

What are the core skills that the Children will learn?

  • Taking Charge of their life - How to recognize and shift limiting beliefs that hurt their self-esteem and hold them back in life. They also learn how to proactively create supportive belief that will support them feeling good about themselves, believing in themselves, and in creating a happy fulfilling life.
  • Leading with Influence - Children learn the values of self-leaders such as the power of taking full responsibility for their lives, the importance of living life with Integrity, and the importance of treating others with respect while always treating themselves with respect as well.
  • Standing up for themselves - Children learn how to think for themselves and make decisions. which helps them develop their inner compass and learn how to stand upto peer pressure.
  • Learning to Fail Forward - Children learn how to feel good about themselves even after facing a disappointment so that they can move through their upset and their fear…. to create courage and self-confidence.
  • Focus and become Resilent - Children learn how to live life with intention and with direct so they don’t drift through life.
  • Develop Champion Mindset - Children learn how to develop a mindset for creating success in their lives including learning how to set and achieve goals.
  • Making Fear their Ally - Children learn how to manage change so that they can thrive in the new circumstances.

‘Every Child deserves a Champion…. an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the Power of Connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be’. For more information on the Programs and how we can help support your child maximize his Potential, get in touch with us to book a free consultation.

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