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The one thing that has the biggest impact on children’s happiness, confidence, and success in life is their…… MINDSET!!

By focusing on transforming negative mindsets and beliefs, we work on establishing a strong foundation through which character can be shaped upon. One needs to have clarity in their beliefs and values to be able to make clear, rational, responsible and consistent decisions. That way, children will be less susceptible to external environmental influences that serve to alter their actions and behavior.
Supporting Youth Confidence, Building Powerful Mindset, working on their Character and Mental Strength and helping them to see themselves as the CEO of their own lives is the driving motivation behind everything that we teach and all the programs that we conduct at mission I AM.
Our programs are fun, interactive, experiential and result oriented combining VISUAL, AUDITORY and SENSORY SKILLS. Primarily designed for ages 7-14, each skill and concept are taught through a story or a metaphor using real life scenarios followed by group discussion, games and hands on activities to help the kids understand the concept and plant the seed well. Repetition is the key to any form of learning.
Children learn to deal with specific issues such as gaining Self confidence & Self esteem, Time Management, Goal Setting, Visualization for better performance, Integrity, Coping with peer pressure, Bullying, Anxiety and Anger issues, Moving past Failures, Self responsibility for one's moods and reactions, Learning to work in teams, Communication, Procrastination, Struggling with exam stress, etc.

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