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Anyone can become a reader

Books for Children Ages 4 onwards

LEADERS ARE READERS! A good book has the power to shape a child's mind and engage their creative thinking.

If your child does not want to read a book themselves, then read it to them. Get them enticed by the story and make a generous use of metaphors to help ignite their imagination. Do that consistently for a few months and then stop. Pretend to be too busy. See what happens. Do they continue reading themselves? This often works.

If you still find them resisting, try one (or all) of these 'mommy strategies' to get your little one to read.

  • Gift them a 'Super Hero' headlamp and every once in a while allow them to stay up late reading (Break the rules!)
  • Host a 'Book Character' party with their friends and let everyone share something about their favorite character (Make it Social!)
  • If your child is older and has access to whatsapp and social media, create a 'Leaders Are Readers' group with their friends where everyone can share about the latest books they are reading (Power of positive peer group!)
  • Link it to a chore, their pocket money or give them reward points for reading (Allow for book choices!)

We already know you are cheering and supporting your kids as they discover their reading abilities. Keep at it, you are doing great! We have put together a list of books that we think are great reads and can make the difference in igniting the passion for reading in your kids. Enter your email address to get access to this Free Book and you'll get a complimentary subscription to our regular updates. In case you are not interested, you can unsubscribe at anytime!

Happy Reading!
Meena Gajria Furtado

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